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1st club|debil sampler released

club|debil is existing since 1999, starting with a concert of Schloss Tegal. From that time, we had numerous bands playing here but never any release. We decided to change this now…

club|debil sampler

This is our club|debil compilation of experimental music!

Tape 100 min
Limited to 100 pieces
Comes with a download code from raubbau.bandcamp.com

The sampler is available as digital download at Raubbau (click the link below) .

Order via Email: club-debil@posteo.de

Price: 8 Euro
Shipping: 2 Euro – Germany
4 Euro – rest of the world

Listen some samples of the tracks in the order they appear on the tape:


  1. Niedowierzanie – Voll Debil
  2. Cent Ans De Solitude – Dizziness & Grief
  3. Holotrop – Ram Dass
  4. Tardive Dyskinesia – Melancholia 3 (SoulCripple – remix)
  5. Daina Dieva – Your Fur (Tavo kailis)
  6. Solar Skeletons – Babylon Östalgie (club|debil edit)
  7. Zenial – Day Of Despair
  8. MK9 – Mind Loop
  9. Schloss Tegal – Terminated by Script
  10. Beinhaus – Feuerkoch (edit)



  1. Astro – Till Doomsday
  2. Fire In The Head – The Delusions Continue
  3. Heimstatt Yipotash – Seismic Shift (quake)
  4. Teatro Satanico – La Farmacia Dell‘ Angelo (alternative version)
  5. Slow Slow Loris – Wise Sun
  6. Phragments – Debil Sein
  7. Contagious Orgasm – SS Slave Market (45rpm version)
  8. Horologium – L’Enfant Au Miroir
  9. Balog – O Voo Da Abelha
  10. TZII – Everything Is Exactly As It Should 9


Here is the full gig list of club|debil:

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